Kim Kim Kardashian’s Step Dad Wishes they had not Shared Her Wedding with the World

In the second part of her interview with the Kardashians, Oprah Winfrey had a chance to talk to the man of the house who is ironically the only one that is not a Kardashian.

Bruce Jenner who is Kris Jenner’s husband and Kim’s step-father, shared with the media queen that he regretted that they shared Kim’s and basketball player Kris Humphries’ wedding with the world. He admitted that the wedding was overboard and felt bad about how it turned out in the end-the marriage only lasting 72 days. He emphasized that the big wedding was a genuine expression of the love that they were feeling at the time even though that changed very quickly afterwards.

When questioned by Oprah if he believed the marriage was going to work, Jenner admitted that it was doubtful but  was still hopeful that it would work and it would last.

His wife was a little more flippant, referring to Kim’s marriage a measly 72-day mistake. Kim Kardashian, married the sports star, Kris Humphries,  in an extravagant ceremony in August 2011 before ending the “marriage” 72 days later.








His wife recently called Kim’s marriage a measly 72-day mistake.

The reality TV star married the sportsman in a lavish ceremony in August 2011 before ending the relationship 72 days later and her mother classed the marriage as a mistake in an interview with Bethenny Frankel.

She said: ”She’s really good with her intuition… Well, she hasn’t been so right lately.”

When Bethenny reminded her that everyone makes mistakes, Kris replied, ”What’s a measly little 72 days?”

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