Anne Curry To Become Highest Paid Foreign Correspondent

NBC has been known to pay it’s stars handsomely as they are fired from the network and the case of  Anne Curry is no different. The 55 year old journalist has reportedly been on a three year contract that was supposed to have paid her $10 million for the final year of her contract. It has been reported that after only one year, NBC is letting her go and if they do, it would seem that $10 million would make her feel much better about being fired.

In the past, NBC paid late-night host Conan O’Brien a reported $45 million when he was let go from “The Tonight Show” back in 2010.

NBC is expected to announce Curry’s replacement later this week.  It turns out that the Curry firing cloud has a silver lining on it as she is expected to take some time time off and then return to NBC as a foreign correspondent unless she gets a better offer from another network. To date, there has been no news about her getting any other offers.

Both  Curry and  NBC  have not commented on the reported settlement. Curry continues to show up for work as usual even with the media buzzing about her departure from her coveted job.


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