Your Black World Blogger Rules and Regulations


1) In order to blog and get paid for it, you must have a google adsense account. You can still blog without one, but you won’t be compensated for your work. Once you get a google adsense account, you should input your adsense id into your profile so you can get paid.


2) DO NOT click on your own ads. If you do so, you will be banned by google adsense and by us. Also, do not tell your friends to click on the ads. Google’s algorithms can determine when a click pattern does not seem natural and it can easily get you booted from the ad network.


3) Please check your work for typos, poorly placed images or grammatical errors.  Your name is on the work, so you want it to be professional. If there is an error, it may take our editors 48 hours to take it down, meaning that your mistake will be online for quite a while before being corrected.


4) Please avoid content that is excessively profane, inflammatory, defamatory or indecent. We allow freedom of speech at Your Black World, but content that consists of a great deal of profanity or images that might be deemed repulsive and exceedingly distasteful are not to be used. But don’t let this scare you- the use of a curse word here or there is not a problem.


5) Please include a head-shot and bio at the end of your posts. You can include all of this information in your blogger profile.


6) All active bloggers must submit at least three- 200 word blog posts per week. You can also submit a video if you choose and we agree that it’s acceptable content. We are not a network for fly-by-night bloggers. We want people who are serious. If you are inactive for more than one week, we will deactivate your membership in the blogger’s network.



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