Black Lives Matter to Labor

Fast Food Workers Nationwide To Demand Higher Wages

Black Lives Matter has become a term meant to “trend” on social media. It is commonly associated with the death of Black males by law enforcement, catalyzed in the response to the death of Michael Brown but what happens when it is no longer trendy? What happens when the sensationalism of Black deaths fade away into the headlines? Black Lives ...

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Are Black Americans the Most Religious — and Virtuous — of All?


In a nation where rising numbers of people are dropping out of organized religion, one dynamic religious movement continues to display remarkable strength. The black church. everal studies and surveys reveal black Americans retain remarkably strong levels of religious beliefs and practices. And that spiritual core is having an impact on community life in areas from health to economic empowerment. ...

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Black History Salute to Russell Simmons, the Yogi

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On Martin Luther King weekend four years ago, I was very sad for a variety of good reasons, not worth repeating here. Just trust me. The sadness felt like a bag of wet rocks on my back, heavy and unforgiving. I knew it was all in my mind, but saying that to myself did not make me feel any better. ...

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‘Make Me a Woman’


One of my sheroes is Sojourner Truth. A brilliant but illiterate woman, she was a great orator and powerful presence who possessed great courage and determination. I often wear a pendant with her image and words: “If women want any rights more than they’s got, why don’t they just take them, and not be talking about it.” An unwavering defender ...

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Is It Racist? How Words Shape Your World

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I’ll admit it. Deep down, this week’s headlines left me questioning whether I know something’s racist or not. Or, how can I tell if someone’s insane? Even saints are in question. This week’s headlines focused on the American Sniper trial, Solange Knowles’ hair and Mother Teresa’s intentions. Do intentions or the results of one’s actions matter to what’s considered racist, ...

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Science Shows What’s Happening Inside the Brains of Blind Musicians Like Stevie Wonder

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Stevie Wonder never considered his blindness a “disadvantage,” and he’s proved his point for more than 50 years. But for all his fantastic talent, his blindness may have contributed to his skills nonetheless. Research has found overwhelming evidence to suggest that blind musicians’ brains can be a lot more musically attuned than those of sighted musicians. Changed brains. When blind individuals lose their ...

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The Homeland Security Impasse

Jeh Johnson Holds News Conference On DHS Appropriations Bill

Minnesota’s Mall of America was named this past weekend as a possible target of a terrorist attack in a one-hour video released by the militant Somali group al-Shabaab. Concern about such an attack could not be higher, especially following on the heels of terrorist attacks in France and Denmark. But that has not deterred congressional Republicans from playing games with ...

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Three Years Since Trayvon Martin’s Killing, Stand Your Ground Laws Are Alive and Well in America


On the night of February 26, 2012 — three years ago today — police responded to several 911 calls from The Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community in Sanford, Florida. They arrived on the scene two minutes after George Zimmerman fatally shot teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman told the officers he acted in self-defense, and police later said they had no ...

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U.S. Criminal Deportations and the Future of Black Immigrants


People are surprised when they come around Families for Freedom and learn that immigrants even with green cards, can be convicted, finish a sentence in the criminal legal system and be deported or incarcerated indefinitely for not having citizenship status. Some are jailed immediately, while other times Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) comes knocking 20 years later. Yes, it is ...

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#WeAreJada: Standing in Solidarity and Honoring the Courage of a Young Rape Vicitm


I’m the guy that overanalyzes the misogynistic hip hop pouring from his car and wonders if he should cut it off out of principle. I’m the guy that derails the incessant conversations held behind closed doors where men rant about all allegations of sexual violence being the result of malicious, lying accusers. I’m the guy who spends his free time ...

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