Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants To Make It Illegal To Taunt A Police Officer

Protesters In Brooklyn Continue Demonstrations Over Recent Grand Jury Decisions

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, earlier this week, lawmakers, police officers and other supporters gathered at the state capitol to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Amid praise for those who wear the badge, state Rep. Dom Costa (D), former chief of the Pittsburgh Police, suggested he would introduce legislation to protect police officers — not from physical harm, but from getting their ...

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Flawless: Racial Bias in Beauty


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the beauty and entertainment industries have systematically crafted the lens through which Americans see others and themselves. Throughout history, African-Americans have suffered from incredible efforts to destroy any hope for positive self-concept or imagery. Stereotypical depictions of the full lips and voluptuous figures of black women have been widely circulated ...

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How the War on Drugs Contributes to the ‘1.5 Million Missing Black Men’


On Monday, the New York Times published a deeply upsetting piece titled, “1.5 Million Missing Black Men.” According to the Times, “Black women who are 25 to 54 and not in jail outnumber black men in that category by 1.5 million. …For every 100 black women in this age group living outside of jail, there are only 83 black men. ...

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The Myth of Black Gay Privilege


In The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin expiates about American society, writing presciently that it is “a civilization sexually so pathetic that the white man’s masculinity depends on a denial of the masculinity of the blacks.” As always, Baldwin’s writing is relevant for understanding contemporary society and the persistence of American racism and provides some explanation for the marginal professional ...

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White Reservation: The Justification of Breath and Those Who Take It Away


April 20, 2015 was just another manic Monday for Lady Justice. Until there is proper distinction between visual impairment and the opaqueness of a blindfold, her fair beauty will only be in the eye of the beholder. Allow me to explain. This Patriot’s Day was a symbol of united pride for freedom and justice as the second Boston Marathon since ...

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Tiny St. Louis County Town Used Police Force As ‘Bullies,’ Former Mayor Claims

Justice Department Concludes Racially Biased Practices Prevalent Within Ferguson Police Dept.

ST. LOUIS — Pine Lawn, a tiny St. Louis County town notorious for corruption and predatory ticketing practices, is being sued by its 80-year-old former mayor, who alleges a successor used the police department to falsely arrest him and portray him as a criminal. Adrian Wright, Pine Lawn mayor from 1993 until 2005, says in a federal lawsuit that ex-Mayor ...

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Anti-Immigrant Violence Spreads In South Africa


JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa’s president on Saturday canceled a foreign trip in order to deal with a wave of attacks on immigrants that have killed at least six people. In the latest violence, mobs attacked shops owned by foreign nationals in a poor area of Johannesburg. President Jacob Zuma had been scheduled to leave Saturday evening for Indonesia to ...

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Indiana Police Force Under Fire For Horrific Traffic Stop Video Gets Body Cameras

Police Dept. In Utah Town To Outfit Entire Force With Body Cameras

All uniformed officers in northwest Indiana’s Hammond Police Department will start wearing body cameras just seven months after cell phone footage of a traffic stopwent viral and sparked accusations of police brutality. Hammond is not alone. Police departments across the nation are adopting the use of body cameras in the wake of high-profile police-related deaths like those of Michael Brown ...

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Recent Slayings of Unarmed Black Men Showcase Culture of Police Violence

Activists Hold Rally Protesting Police Shooting Death Of Walter Scott In North Charleston

How long can we expect to see new reports and videos of unarmed black men being shot by police in incidents all across the country? Aspects of two of the most recent shootings in Tulsa, Okla. and North Charleston, S.C., suggest some answers to the question, and the answers do not bode well. The videotaped shootings of Eric Harris in ...

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Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Freddie Gray Death

Suspect Injured Baltimore

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Justice Department said Tuesday it has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who suffered a fatal spinal-cord injury under mysterious circumstances after he was handcuffed and put in the back of a police van. After the probe was announced, at least 1,000 people gathered at a previously planned ...

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