Retail Giant Target Puts a Spin on Scholarships
Retail Giant Target Puts a Spin on Scholarships

Target Offers 16 Bizarre Scholarships to College Students

Retail Giant Target Puts a Spin on Scholarships

As college tuition continues to increase drastically each decade, scholarship opportunities are diminishing and scholarship applications are enforcing strict guidelines. Retail giant, Target, decided to launch 16 unconventional scholarships for college students who are returning to college this fall. The campaign titled, “Target Stuff Scholarships,” runs from July 15th to September 12th.

The sixteen scholarships are Makeup Scholarship (a year’s supply of makeup), Clean Teeth Scholarship (a year’s supply of toothpaste and an electric toothbrush), 24/7 Scholarship (a year’s supply of Red Bull energy drink), Laundry Don’t-Er Scholarship (a semester’s supply of men’s underwear), Vacuuming Scholarship (area rugs and 10 hand vacuum cleaners), Frisbee Scholarship (100 Frisbees), Angry Birds Scholarship (a Nook with preloaded Angry Birds game), Laptop Stuff Scholarship (a laptop, speakers, wireless mouse, webcam, and lap desk), Ramen Scholarship (three Ramen meals a day for a year), Printing Scholarship (two printers and a year’s supply of ink), Water Drinker Scholarship (eight filtered sports bottles and a year’s supply of water filters), Flip Flop Scholarship (flip flops for the winner and every person in his/her dorm), Shaving Scholarship (two electric shavers and eight grooming items), Dorm Gorumand Scholarship (a blender, a grill, a microwave, and a year’s supply of cereal), Hangout Scholarship (a video game system, furniture, and  a slew of video games), and Laundry Doer Scholarship (10 boxes of laundry detergent and $500 in quarters).

To apply, students must select their scholarship of choice and then participate in a video interview with a panel of quirky professors who ask a series of funny questions. Students must then share the interview through their social media channels to acquire votes from friends and family. At the end of each round, the five videos with the most votes will be reviewed by a panel of judges to determine the final winner. Since its debut, 700 videos have been submitted.

Target says the scholarships are just one of many ways they’re helping students head back to college this year by taking one more thing off of their “to do” list.

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