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Lauren Anderson: Six Degrees of Separation Within Human Resources


By Lauren Anderson I have found that in fact the theory of six degrees of separation set out by Frigyes Karinthy is true. I believe in this theory that by introduction, each person is just a few more people away  from the actual resources required to fulfill any goal or desire of a dreamer. As a Human Resource Professional and ...

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Trey Coleman: How Can Black Men Move Past The Pain?

Black men

By Trey Coleman Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled Why Black Men Refuse to Go to Therapy. The posting was therapeutic for me because I was able to confront my past.  I am working on building a better life for myself and I’m calling for all men to do the same. It’s time for us to do some ...

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Jacqueline Malcolm: Are We Still Profiting From The Slave Trade?

By Jacqueline Malcolm This was a question posed to me (albeit with his tongue placed firmly in his cheek) by one of my very good friends when I proudly announced the release of my first novel; SLAVE: Escaping the Chains of Freedom.  At first, I laughed heartily but as the mirth passed and died away I actually started to think; ...

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Warin Henry: Ignorance Even in Tragedy; Racist Tweets After Obama Speech

obama podium

By Warin Henry The entire nation was shocked and saddened to learn of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut last week. To know that a lone gunman could go into a school and murder 26 people is tragic beyond belief. It will take months of healing for the country and much longer for the families affected. The following ...

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The Truth About Africans Revealed; History, Imperialism and Endangered Africans


By Sankara Kamara On December 10, 2012, the international community celebrated the 64th anniversary of the “Universal Dedication of Human Rights.”   On the same day in 1948, the phrase “International Community,” assumed a new meaning when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”  By formally making “human rights” international, the world became a place where the dignity ...

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Outrage As Man Who Fell on Tracks Gets Photographed Rather Than Saved

By Warin Henry A man is pushed down a subway tunnel last week and cannot be saved. But his snapshot is. That event sparked not only every New Yorker’s most subconscious fear – standing too close to the edge of a platform and being pushed over – but also outrage for the lack of action taken to save a man ...

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William Jackson: Blacks Can’t Wait On the President


William Jackson, M.Ed. Where do we go after the second election of President Barack Obama? I want it to be known, that I’m proud to have Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America. I’m proud of his ability to lead and to be a role model. That being said, Blacks Cannot Wait on President Obama to ...

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Jesse Herriott: Remembering Kasandra Perkins, Killed by Jovan Belcher


By Jesse Herriott Recently, an unfortunate event occurred involving Kansas City Chief’s Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins: and news outlets all over America have been covering the story. Yet, very few outlets are speaking on behalf of Kasandra Perkins, who was murdered; and whose 2 month old child was left both motherless and fatherless. Although the subject is ...

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Jason Williams: On the Subjective Citizenship of African Americans in the U.S.

obama speech

By Jason Williams With the re-election of Pres. Obama, African Americans are yet again being told that they are not to make any demands from Pres. Obama that they would not make to any other President.  Instead they must benefit strictly from color blinded policies, while other minority groups can indeed be recipients to policy initiatives that directly target their ...

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Xi Guevara: A Reflection On The Meaning Of Thanksgiving


By Xi Guevara I spent a large part of this week remembering the suffering of the indigenous people of this land; some of them my own ancestors. As paradoxical and rare as it may seem, I am an African American woman who very openly acknowledges and embraces my Native American Ancestry, however remote it may be. Interestingly enough, I know ...

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