J.C. Penny Rubs Some the Wrong Way with Gay Fathers in a Commercial

What's Going On

Some Christian conservatives are taking issue with J.C.Penny’s latest Father’s Day ad which features a gay couple and their two children. The two men in the ad are supposed to represent Father’s who are to be celebrated on Father’s day but many are focusing on their status of being Gay more than on their status of being Fathers.

J.C. Penny has a history of rubbing conservatives the wrong way. They have used well known lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, as a spokesperson and even featured two lesbian women as the Mothers in their Mother’s Day ad, in May.

According to CNN, J. C. Penny is not the only company that is standing up for the LGBT community. American Apparel is using transgender models while Marriott Hotels has celebrated “Gay Pride” and the Gap has also used ads that feature two Gay men.

It looks like if the Christian conservatives are going to protest every ad that they deem “offensive”, they have a lot of work to do. Maybe it would be better to just live and let live.

Happy Father’s day.

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