Are Illuminati Accusations a Direct Attack on Black Success?

Recently, there has been an immense curiosity surrounding the possibility of Black mega celebrities being involved in a secret society called the “illuminati.”  I have participated in multiple discussions about the possibility of this secret society with friends, in the beauty salon, and watched numerous YouTube videos that have been made to dissect the lives, videos, and performances of major celebrities.  People are always trying to pinpoint anti-Christ-like symbolism in everything some of these famous Black celebrities do in order to serve as evidence that these mega stars are in fact members of the “illuminati.”  While I am not sure if this exclusive society exist, I have made the following observations:

1. Accusations of Membership Appears to be Increasingly Directed Towards Successful Black People:  President Barack Obama, major Black recording artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and many more, are accused of selling their soul to the devil in exchange for supreme career and financially success. Could their success not be attributed to their musically talented? Was a secret society the reason Barack Obama became president or was he not elected because he offered change to the country when we were economically at our lowest point?  Most of the people listed above have undeniable crowd appeal and talent which has catapulted them to success.

Furthermore, Warren Buffet, who threw up “the roc” (the symbol of Jay-Z’s record label and a controversial sign that has been pin-pointed as membership in the illuminati) at Jay-Z’s reopening of the 40/40 club, Donald Trump, and many of the white 1% are never accused by the media of being in this secret society.

Jumping to devil worship and membership into a secret society seems to be a bit extreme to me and a direct attack on African-American success.

2. It Appears to be Directed Towards African Ancient Culture: I have seen countless symbols in association with the “illuminati” that come from Ancient Egypt such as the Eye of Ra and the Ankh. Out of all the pagan ancient religions and cultures, why are those from an ancient society in Africa used in association with the “illuminati”? Most of the symbols deemed “anti-Christ-like” in fact have a positive meaning as research of the culture has indicated.

3. Are Artists Playing Into This Whole illuminati Thing for Publicity?: They say in Hollywood that there is no such thing as bad publicity but I must disagree. In my estimation, playing around with allowing people to associate you with  worshipping the devil is too steep of a price for publicity.  It seems that some of these celebrities have opted on speaking out against these accusations.  Whether artist are in the illuminati or not it does appear that they use the accusations to their “advantage” and by making countless videos with very suspicious symbolism in them in order to create a controversial buzz about their work.  In return, their videos are constantly viewed on YouTube, s MTV, VH1, and BET and constantly in discussion.

I am not sure how exclusive or how valid a secret society such as the alleged illuminati could be since EVERYONE supposedly knows about it.  However, these accusations of membership in such a society causes for evaluation as it appears that such accusations may be directed towards successful blacks as a masked racial attack which proves that much of society can not accept that African-American’s are talented.

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