New Film about European S*x Tourists: Women Seeking Out African Men

It’s hard to decide if its exploitation or just a two-way agreement where everyone wins.  But “sex tourism” is the talk of the town at the Cannes Film Festival.  Sex tourism, which is popular among European women, involves middle-aged women going to Africa and getting their freak on with young, energetic African men.

In the new film, “Paradise Love,” director Ulrich Seidl talks about the sex tourism industry in detail.   The film stars Margaret Tiesel as a woman whose search for sex and love becomes more and more predatory over time.

“Women from the rich West exploit young African men. But it’s also a business, and they (the men) get something for it,” said director Ulrich Seidl

Margaret plays a divorcee named Teresa, who sends her daughter away so she can run to Kenya to find good sex.   A friend told her that the sex is good and plentiful, so she tries it out.  While there, she meets Munga, an African man whom Teresa begins to think doesn’t really want her money.

After a while, Munga starts to ask Teresa for money, saying that he needs it for random things, like his sister’s baby and medical bills.

The film has been accused of glamorizing the exploitation of Africans.   The Hollywood Reporter said that the film was “a psychologically empty wallow.”


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