The Laws of MAAT: #1

By Antoinette McKesson

This is a relative term that many people feel does not apply to them. Right and wrong are based on ones’ belief system, because what is right to you may be wrong to another. Many of us have created our own definitions of right and wrong because it allows us to do whatever we want to do. Dare someone question us about it, we are quick to remind them that “everyone does it.”

“Right” has been made to be evil, and “wrong” has been made to be good.  For example, when women are questioned; those who violate the laws of marriage, and have no respect for the sanctity of marriage,  tend to say “I was young then; besides, everyone does it.”  They will then claim, almost as if they are attempting to convince themselves, that other women are guilty of adultery, even when they aren’t.  A man who sells drugs and destruction to his own people, sees nothing wrong with it, and views it as “just business.”

It is obvious that this is an attempt on their part through projection, to mitigate any feelings of guilt about what they have done.  Clearly, consciousness is subjective.  Belief systems can and do prevent people from understanding that just because it is not their belief system, doesn’t mean that they are not responsible for it. There are karmic consequences for every thought and every action that we undertake.

We create our suffering, because we choose to commit unrighteous acts.   The law of reciprocity is the law of life, and failure to understand the laws of the universe, or one’s choice not to believe in them in the first place, leads to suffering.   Then we go through life complaining about the suffering, as if we played no role in it. Those of us who are having negative thoughts and enacting behaviors that don’t “feel right,” or that we know are not “right,” will have those thoughts returned to us through someone or something.

The physical manifestations of those thoughts will always return to the person who created them, whether we believe it or not.

Once something negative happens in our lives, the hypocrisy of our own thought process is that we completely forget about all the wrong we have committed against others throughout our life. The seeds (our thoughts and actions) that we sow, will give to us faithfully every time without fail. What goes around really does come back around.

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find them many days later” Ecclesiastes 11:1.  Our God doesn’t have to punish us; our own wickedness and unrighteous through our thoughts and actions, grants us the just punishment that we deserve.

About Antoinette McKesson

A Life Coach and writer, Antoinette McKesson is a Network Field Engineer IT Certified A+, Network+, Security+ professional. She holds Certifications in Holistic Fitness and Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise. Antoinette is a Certified CPR/AED Instructor through the American Heart Association, focusing her efforts on the Go Red campaign. Antoinette, who is a national deans list and honor society honoree, is completing a self-help book on relationships. You can reach Antoinette at

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