“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

by Donald Allen

United States of America/Minnesota (IBNN/Political Editorial/October 23, 2012)… Before I start – let’s get something straight. In 2012,the best man for the job of the United States president is President Obama. Despite my independent conservative viewpoints, I could never vote for a man that would rather spit in the eye of a Black man, versus seeing him succeed. Mitt Romney is nothing more than a filthy-rich RINO with many pots to piss in – and many windows to toss it out. It’s true, the Minnesota GOP has not been open to me – I’m a Black outsider looking in. The MN GOP’s policy in Minnesota – “If it’s Black, stay back!”

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson uttered the word Nigger in relation to having a race and caste of people brainwashed into voting for Democratic candidates. The success LBJ had back then still resonates in 2012, local democratic candidates in some states can count on the minority-ethnic vote every few years by making a promise.


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  1. NOT that I, myself mind the title of the Coalition, but if you switched “White” with the word “Black” there would be SCREAMS from a large portion of blacks, of racism…so, if you paint yourself with the same brush as you do whites, it is hypocritical.

    I am sure that some will comment that it is “Right” for blacks and other races to “recognize” their ethnics and race, and to have a place to “gather” and discuss things that are specific to blacks.. But, you can’t have it BOTH WAYS…Either follow ONE standard, or stop tossing the R card out.

    By the way, Conservatives have NOTHING against blacks as a race, it is the fact that Democrats have used them for DECADES and they refuse to admit it.

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