Anthony Thomas: In This Election Season, Please Stop Eating Dog Food

by Anthony Thomas

Every two to four years when national elections come around, the run-of-the-mill partisan hacks on both sides of the political aisle enthusiastically encourage Americans to engage in unproductive partisan food fights with one another. On any given day, particularly during an election season, one might hear a Democratic Party partisan equate the Republicans with the Third Reich, or one might hear a Republican partisan equate the Democrats with a Stalin brand of Communism.

There’s rarely ever any middle ground with fanatical advocates for political parties, and after members of each group engages in character assassinations of one another, too many Americans follow their lead by retreating to their respective political corners and throwing rocks to the opposing side like circus-trained monkeys. Americans do this because the hyper-partisan hacks that peddle their garbage are very effective at manipulating — and in some cases profiting off — the fear, and unfortunate ignorance of the general public. Right-wing talk radio, Fox News, MSNBC and a host of partisan blogs are some of the main guilty parties in feeding Americans hyper-partisanship, which ultimately is nothing but political dog food.

Millions of Americans gleefully devour the political dog food that various outlets serve without questioning the ingredients of what’s being offered, or without questioning the personal agendas of the people involved. The tired and pathetic charade is nauseating: Republican Party partisans foam at the mouth about how they believe the Democrats are going to further increase the size of government and the deficit, after offering only modest criticism during the Bush years about how their own party spent eight years increasing the size of government and the deficit.

Conversely, Democratic Party partisans rage about how Bush “took us into war” and how he ruined the economy, all while ignoring that most prominent Democrats voted in favor of the Iraq War and disregarding that Bill Clinton repealed “The Glass-Steagall Act” which ultimately allowed banks to merge in an unstable manner, contributing to the 2008 financial crisis.

Sadly, the proliferation of this political dog food has trickled down to African Americans as well, particularly since President Obama has become fashionable for many Black political neophytes. All of sudden, ill-informed comedians like Steve Harvey have become highly partisan information authority figures for some Black Americans when it comes to politics, while obnoxious and unjustifiably arrogant radio personalities like Michael Baidsen serve up narrow-minded pro-Obama, pro-Democratic Party tripe as universal gospel truth.

People are grossly misinformed if they think they can learn and grow by only engaging and supporting people that agree with them politically. Furthermore, only highly uniformed political observers or highly advanced political opportunists find value in uniformly blaming one political party for America’s current woes – or for the current woes of Black Americans. People who sell the one party is the blame dogma should not be taken seriously and viewed skeptically, because ultimately they’re selling the lowest grade of political commentary for the masses to eat up.

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