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Noam Chomsky gives the real reason Martin Luther King was killed

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You have to hear this poem about “Fake revolutionaries”

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Watch these black children continuously say that the white doll is prettier, nicer

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Daddy’s bun making video goes super viral on the Internet


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Lupita spends hours doing her friends’ hair

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Black Friday Ignorance: Watch this Man Toss a Little Girl Like a Rag Doll


This video will disgust you.  It got seven million views online, and Walmart kicked him out for shooting it.  The next time you see someone getting excited about Black Friday, just tell them that it’s just not that serious.  

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Watch: Beyonce Jumps Off a Building and Does an Amazing Free Fall


How many hundreds of millions of dollars would be lost if that rope weren’t tight enough?  Way to go Beyonce, this is actually kinda cool.  

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Little Girl’s Adorable Breakout Dance Goes Viral


They don’t seem to know what to do with this little girl.  Is this cute or disorderly?  

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Dr. Boyce Video: My Open Letter to a Young Brother with Self-Esteem Challenges


Dr. Boyce Watkins gives a public response to an open letter.

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On the Reel: Are Other People Trying to Steal Black Culture?


Tiara Williams and her crew ask:  Are other people stealing our culture?  

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