President Obama and the First Lady Do “The Bankhead Bounce”

We all know about the interesting and potentially awkward kiss that was shared this week between President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during a visit to the Verizon Center.  What is not so well known is that the couple took the time to do the “Bankhead Bounce,” a 1990s dance that started in Atlanta.  The couple were at a Washington Wizards game at the time and apparently, the spirit moved them.  That’s when the Bankheading began.

In case you’re not familiar, the Bankhead Bounce started on the west side of Atlanta in an area called Bankhead.  The Outkast song, “Benz or Beamer” featured the dance back in 1995 for the New Jersey Drive soundtrack.   Even Michael Jackson did the dance at the MTV Music Video Awards.

There is even a version of the dance called The Forrest Gump.  We loved the dance back then, but some things just need to stay in the past.

We wish we had actual video of the president getting his Bankhead on, but we’ve only got this image.  A lot of people might say that this certifies him as being black, if that’s the kind of measuring stick you like to use.



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