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Doshon Farad is a staff writer for Your Black World and Your Black Bloggers. He writes for several publications. He's also a broadcast journalist. He can be followed on twitter @doshonfarad. And on Facebook You can contact him at

NAN hosts 14th Annual Convention Featuring Rev. Jesse Jackson & Others

By Doshon Farad This past weekend the National Action Network (NAN), headed by Rev. Al Sharpton, wrapped up its 14th annual convention. It was held from April 3-6 in New York City at the Times Square Sheraton Hotel in midtown. As always, NAN’s highly energized conference drew thousands, mostly African-American, from across the country. Attendees included locals, activists, celebrities as ...

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Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks in Newark, NJ

Dr. Boyce Watkins

By Doshon Farad On Jan 31st,2013 in Newark, NJ, at Malcolm X Shabazz High School, Your Black World founder and Syracuse Professor Dr. Boyce Watkins keynoted a program aimed at empowering young African-American men and African-Americans, in general, in financial literacy,mentoring,and goal setting. He shared the dais with educators, politicians,and former Pro-sports employees. During his concise address, Watkins explained the ...

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Doshon Farad Interviews R&B Legend & Radio PersonalityJames Mtume


On Feb.1st, 2013 Your Black World reporter Doshon Farad spoke with R&B Legend and radio personality James Mtume. We caught up with the music icon that evening in Newark,NJ at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). Mtume sat on a panel moderated by music critic and filmmaker Nelson George. The panel discussed the screening of “Save the Children”, a ...

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Doshon Farad: Celebration of Life of Khallid Abdul Muhammad Keynoted By Malik Zulu Shabazz


By Doshon Farad On Saturday Jan.12, activists in New York City convened to celebrate the birthday of late Nation of Islam spokesman and New Black Panther Party leader Khallid Abdul Muhammad. Muhammad whose 2001 death resulted from an apparent brain aneurysm, and is still surrounded by elements of suspicion, is best known for controversial statements he made at Kean University ...

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Doshon Farad: Newtown; Why do you feel it wasn’t supposed to happen there?


By Doshon Farad I thought it would be best if I allowed some time to pass before I gave my perspective on the recent massacre in Newtown, CT. First, I join the country in sending heartfelt condolences to the families of the twenty-seven people who had died in the tragedy. It’s always a rough thing to digest when innocent people, ...

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Doshon Farad: My defense of Soledad O’Brien


By Doshon Farad You know, it really sickens me that, in the twenty-first century, black folks are still arguing about complexion and color. When are we going to get to the point where we realize that regardless of complexion, hair texture or eye color, we are the same African people? It is essential for us to recognize blackness in all ...

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Doshon Farad: Erykah Badu; My Celebrity Wife

eryka badu

By Doshon Farad Look, I’ll tell anybody, Erykah Badu is my wife even if she doesn’t know it yet. LOL! Yes, I’m the first to admit that in regards to Ms. Badu, I’m highly delusional. LOL! Now before you women start coming at me and saying, “Oh all you men only started liking her because she now has a big ...

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Doshon Farad: Black Men Discuss Fatherhood in Harlem

fatherhood panel

By Doshon Farad With the public being constantly bombarded by negative images of black men, one might draw the conclusion that America has lost all hope for this particular group. To counter this, there have been several individuals and groups who have set up initiatives to salvage the image of black men. Syracuse University Professor and Your Black World founder, ...

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Doshon Farad: Obama, Syria and Assad-The Threat Of War; Here We Go Again


By Doshon Farad Yesterday, Dec.4th, President Obama issued a warning to Syrian President Bashar Assad concerning intelligence reports of his government creating chemical weapons. The social unrest in Syria, which has been attributed to the nearly two year old Arab Spring, has garnered worldwide attention for quite some time now. Bashar’s government has been accused of killing thousands of innocent ...

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Doshon Farad: The Death of Jordan Davis,Open Season on Negroes?

Jordan Davis

By Doshon Farad Do you remember that old episode of the “Looney Tunes” cartoon where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were both trying to convince Elmer Fudd that it wasn’t their season to be hunted? Bugs kept shouting, “Its duck season!” and Daffy kept shouting, “No! Its rabbit season!” Today in the twenty-first century, a young black man can be ...

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