Why do Black women indulge in risky sex?

According to a recent study, exposure to violence makes women prone to risky sex.

A recent study says that women who have witnessed crimes and forms of violence both in their childhood and adulthood are more prone to risky sex. Also, women who had been abused were more likely to indulge in unprotected sex and use alcohol or drugs before having sex.

Sexual practices that put one at risk for HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancies, is what the study refers to as “risky sex”. The study was conducted primarily among African-American women out of which most were at a socio-economically disadvantage.

Experts say preventing domestic violence and intolerance to violence against women is the most important step in preventing such problems. Educating adolescents about the problems associated with high risk sexual practices like STDs and unwanted pregnancies, and promoting safe sex should be undertaken.


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