Trayvon’s Parents Go Ballistic Over Zimmerman’s “God’s Plan” Remark

The parents of Trayvon Martin are angry at George Zimmerman for many things.  But the latest source of outrage has come from Zimmerman’s most recent remark about how killing Trayvon was part of “God’s plan.” 

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton made a series of media appearances today blasting Zimmerman for his remarks in the case.

“I don’t understand what God he worships? It’s not the same God I worship,” Tracy Martin told “Fox and Friends.”

“That’s heartless to say that it was ‘God’s plan’ that he took our child’s life,” Martin added.

Zimmerman made his comments on “Hannity” last night, during an appearance designed to repair his reputation.  He also apologized to the Martin family for what happened, but the family isn’t accepting his condolences.   Zimmerman claims that he shot Martin as a last resort, after suffering a broken nose and having his head slammed into the concrete.  He also claims that Zimmerman told him that he was going to die and reached for his gun.

Zimmerman says that he wasn’t following Martin, but that he was innocently “keeping an eye on him” for the safety of the residents.  In Zimmerman fashion, George says that he prays for the Martin family every day.

“I am sorry that they buried their child. I can’t imagine what that feels like,” Zimmerman said.

“I do wish there was something, anything I could have done that wouldn’t have put me in a position where I had to take his life.”

Trayvon’s parents are saying that if Zimmerman had wanted to avoid the situation, he could have done so by minding his own business.

“He made a rush to judgment to judge Trayvon as a criminal, as suspicious,” Tracy Martin told CNN. “He got out of that car. He put Trayvon in that position.”

“He cannot … pick a fight and then say, ‘He put me in this position,'” he said.

Fulton said there is no way that she would be able to have a conversation with George Zimmerman, under any circumstances.

“My son was murdered a couple months ago,” Fulton told Fox. “It not something I can stomach right now.”

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