How Did Christmas Get to be So Controversial?

by Raynard Jackson

With the Christmas season in full bloom, I am amazed how such a simple celebration has now become so controversial.  How can people find a way to criticize the meaning of Christmas that I grew up with? Christmas has always meant recognizing the birth of the baby Jesus, giving one’s family their time and presence, not presents.

Having Christmas without Christ is like having basketball without the basket, like having Sunday School without Sunday, like having hamburger without meat.  In other words, the very name describes the essence of the event or item.

So, this time of year has become one of the most controversial times in our country, even more than our presidential elections.  Secular liberals want no mention of Christ in the public square, non-Christians demand equal access to  public space for their demonstrations, atheists want nothing that remotely hints of the existence of a God. By the way, why do atheists spend so much time arguing about something that they claim doesn’t exist?

The underlying issue that this time of the year brings up is: How does America manage its diversity?  When I grew up, you would be run out of town if you tried to take the Christ out of Christmas.  A retail store would have never thought about using the phrase “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”


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