Derrick Anthony Reed Talks about Why Racism Makes Us Crazy

By Derrick Anthony Reed
For all intents and purposes, I hope for this blog to take a perspective on racial relations that has yet to be discussed that all may feel but none may talk about.
As a black man, I experience a certain type of racism (I understand that every non-white person does to an extent). The pathologies that African Americans develop as a result of racism has a profound effect on how we interact with unknown white Americans, especially in formal settings. An experience I recently had opened my eyes to a few things.
I enjoy playing basketball. On this one day in particular, I was coming from work and before going to a basketball gym I decided to stop at this bank to deposit this check. It had been a check I received quite a long time ago and finally decided to do something with it. Anyways, as with most days I dress professionally—I wear slacks and button down shirts every day.
The bank has quite a significant distance from the entrance to the teller’s counter—approximately 20 yards. As soon as I walk in I notice how all eyes lock in on me, and I am receiving a hard stare for approximately 2 or 3 seconds before some greets me. They welcome me to the bank while looking at my profile more-so than my face. As I continued to the teller’s desk I mentioned that I am going to deposit the check. I have never been to this bank before, so none of the tellers recognize me, I get that.

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