Ryan Mack: 6 Ways to Stop Gun Violence in Your Community

by Ryan Mack

I have grown weary of the endless empty rhetoric regarding what we can do about the gun violence that occurs throughout communities, especially within urban communities where oftentimes the climate resembles a war zone. After looking at the statistics of deaths caused by guns in the US I can only say there are TOO MANY! You can look up the stats yourself as the purpose of this article is not to focus on the problem, but to shift our attention to some possible solutions.  I have six ideas that we as individuals can begin to do starting RIGHT NOW to help solve this

Before I present the solutions let me address the perpetual critics who are always the quickest to discredit the solutions of others. You know who I’m talking about …those who never have a solution to present themselves but practically and some literally make a living from downplaying the attempts of others to correct a problem of our community.

NO…this piece IS NOT an attempt to make people think that solving this problem is easy or quick to solve. This is a very complex and difficult problem to solve and in no way should we ever feel that any solution when implemented will dissolve it easily or overnight.  This will take time, this will take patience, this will take diligence, and this will take a unified effort from ALL within the community in order for us to make any progress.


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