Steve Harvey Seeks To Dominate Katie Couric in the Daytime Talk Show Ratings War

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but comedian Steve Harvey is going head-to-head with Katie Couric in the near future.  The two are going to put out new shows during Oprah Winfrey’s coveted 3 pm time slot.   The slot has been open since Oprah left last year, and the question is whether or not either of them can ever become even a fraction of what Oprah was before she took off to start her own network.

“With Oprah exiting the stage, it was okay for me to give some time for the landscape to settle before jumping into the fray. So I feel the timing worked really well for me,” Couric said recently.

It’s hard to imagine either of these entertainers doing what Winfrey did.  Oprah achieved her greatness at a different time, before the Internet was all the rage, and before your cable television had 300 channels for you to choose from.  But there are still millions of viewers and dollars up for grabs, and some think that both of these hosts can reshape their brands to make it work.

Harvey is an interesting choice for daytime talk because of his background as an urban comedian.  But he has parlayed his greatness into stints with The Family Feud and has even branded himself as a relationship guru with the “Think Like a Man” franchise.  He might even be compared with Wendy Williams, who was once his partner at WBLS radio in New York and now has a daytime talk show of her own.

Couric is an equally odd choice, like a female version of Anderson Cooper.  We’re not sure how that’s going to work.  As the battle heats up to see who can replace the great one, we’ll be watching.  It’ll be very interesting to see the outcome.

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