Lawrence Watkins Speaks with Dr. Randal Pinkett about His Billion Dollar Contract

by Lawrence Watkins

If you are looking for someone who personifies academic and business success in the African-American community, Dr. Randal Pinkett is your go-to guy. Most people remember his rise to fame as the winner of the fourth season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, a high point of his career — but there is much more to the man than this 2005 victory. Dr. Pinkett is a Rhodes Scholar, track star, author of multiple books, and has received two master’s degrees and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Most recently, Dr. Pinkett’s company, BCT Partners, was awarded a billion dollars in contracts from the U.S. government to help implement President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Pinkett recently sat down with theGrio to share his advice on achieving personal success and entrepreneurship. Dr. Pinkett’s best tip? “Put in the time and energy that it takes to achieve what it is that you want to achieve.” He is a living example of this ethos.

Raised in Newark, N.J., Dr. Pinkett’s father died when he was a child. This left his mother to raise him and his older brother alone. Though humble in means, the doctorate’s family still nourished him well, empowering him to grow. To this day, Dr. Pinkett is very grateful for these encouragements.

“They sacrificed to give me opportunities to go to college and get a solid education,” Pinkett said of his family.  Speaking of his mother, he added, “If she can sacrifice to give me opportunities the least I can do is to take advantage of those opportunities. I take very seriously the opportunities that have been given to me.”

Dr. Pinkett’s latest new horizon is the broadest of his career. His firm, BCT Partners, was just awarded two contracts from the Department of Health and Human Services worth close to $1 billion to upgrade its healthcare technology infrastructure. The goal is to bring healthcare technology into the 21st century.


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