Man Arrested on Philly Subway with an AK-47

Things got a little interesting when passengers on a Philadelphia subway noticed a fellow passenger packing on Tuesday.

The man boarded the subway carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, a handgun, and a 12-inch hunting knife and illegal drugs according to police. No incident occurred with the weapons, however.

The man was identified as 28-year-old Jermal Michael Ponds.

One of the passengers notified the SEPTA police, who arrested the man after the train pulled into the Fairmount station on the northbound Broad Street Line.

According to police, they found Ponds in a back of the last car on the train with a large black bag in tow. The rifle was sticking out of the bag.

Officers asked to search the bag and the man consented.

Inside, authorities found a .38-caliber revolver with six rounds in the chamber; the AK-47 with a 40-round clip; the 12-inch hunting knife; from 25 to 30 pills of Percocet, a powerful painkiller; more than an ounce of marijuana; and $716 in cash.

Ponds was charged with weapons offenses and taken to jail where his bail was set at  $100,000.

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