First CNN Messes Up on the Obama Ruling, Now They Think Whitney Houston is a German Drag Queen

You have to wonder if CNN is slipping under the pressure of having the worst ratings of the last 20 years.  We saw that the network got it wrong on the ruling for Obamacare.  That was bad enough.  Now, during a conversation about Whitney Houston, one of the producers actually put up a video of a drag queen who was impersonating Houston.  The last time we checked, Whitney Houston didn’t have that little thing between her legs that would make her a man, so maybe they have to work with their fact checkers.

We still love CNN, especially since they try to keep it objective.  But they’ve got to do a better job of making sure they stay on point; those 22-year old interns aren’t quite doing the job, and we’re shocked that such a prestigious network would make such a blatant error.  There was also interesting situation a couple of years ago where the network played a rap song that used the n-word.  Well, at least they apologized for the incident, which is more than we can say for Fox News.  Check it on YourBlackWorld.net:

You might think that during a serious interview about the fabulous life of Whitney Houston, you would know that she is not a 5’9″ German guy, but apparently CNN does not.  During an interview with LL Cool J about the life of Whitney Houston, Piers Morgan aired generic footage that they thought was Houston, but was not.

Instead, the footage featured a drag queen by the name of Ikenna Beney Amaechi.  Amaechi makes his living imitating Whitney Houston, but never thought he’d be on CNN during a serious conversation about Houston’s life.


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