The 'War' Between DirecTV and Viacom Has Reality Show Fans Upset
The 'War' Between DirecTV and Viacom Has Reality Show Fans Upset

DirecTV Customers Miss “Love & Hip-Hop”, Vent On Social Media

The ‘War’ Between DirecTV and Viacom Has Reality Show Fans Upset

The split between satellite-cable giant DirecTV and popular network, Viacom is like an ugly marriage. Fans of the network and customers of DirecTV took to their social media pages and expressed their dismay. Some called the split “stupid” and others said it was “unfair” to them. The split is due to carriage fee negotiations, that have left 17 million DirecTV customers now without Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and VH1. DirecTV is calling the proposed rate from Viacom a 30% hike that could cost the company a total of $1billion. DirecTV pulled the network off of the service 10 minutes shy of the midnight deadline, after tense negotiation that lasted throughout the day and night. So who will suffer the most- DirecTV or Viacom? Many are thinking DirecTV stands a better chance of losing the publicity battle they will have to overcome with their customers. Viacom has a plethora of ready-to-air (and -print) ads starring its various network spokespeople, and DirecTV has CEO Mike White. DirecTV assures consumers that it will eventually bring the network back, so expect the ‘divorce’ to be ugly and short.

Here’s an official statement from Viacom network regarding the negotiation:

“We proposed a fair deal that amounted to an increase of only a couple pennies per day per subscriber, and we remained willing tonegotiate that deal right up to this evening’s deadline.” 

Here’s what one fan posted on her Facebook wall in response to the split:

If DirecTV doesn’t take control of this situation quickly, I’m predicting things could get really ugly, very soon.


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