Dr. Boyce: Hijacking Your Child’s Father and Cutting His Parental Rights

Dr. Boyce Watkins uses the on-going battle between musical artist “The Dream” and his ex-wife, Christina Milian as a teaching and learning point about the state of our own relationships.  Dr. Watkins talks about the recent battles between the couple that took place in public, and how this is indicative of what millions of other couples do to themselves all across the country.  Dr. Watkins makes the point that when couples fight in this way and attempt to hijack one another’s parental rights, it’s always at the expense of the child.

Most dads who have children are non-custodial parents.  In too many of these situations, fathers find themselves fighting for any chance to be in the lives of their children, which Dr. Watkins says is quite disturbing.  Rather than cutting the father out of the life of the child, the father should be encouraged to interact with the child in a healthy and happy way.   Dr. Watkins says that even if you don’t approve of everything your child’s father does, you should never bad mouth him in front of the child and you should never feel the right to take away the father’s rights to be a parent.

Dr. Watkins encourages couples to seek counseling and read books to understand their own psychological challenges, so that they can create a healthy, happy environment for their children.  The video is below:

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