Naked Man Crashes His Car Through a Mall, Then Tries on a Pair of Air Jordans

Shoppers were shocked to see a naked man drive his truck right into a mall in Dallas.  Arthur Walker, a 35-year old man who apparently has both mental and legal issues, drove his truck through the mall and then got out of the car to try on shoes and clothes, according to police.  He drove through the gates of Champs Sporting Goods, even though the gates were closed at the time.  Before that, he drove through several kiosks.

“He hit the door, backed up, and came back with full force again, and that’s when he came on in here,” said a witness, Delcina Avery.

“I guess he was just crazy — it never dawned on me that it was Friday the 13th,” Avery said.

Walker dressed himself in the clothes in the mall and even put on a pair of Air Jordans to see if they fit.  Police got there shortly after and arrested the man for obvious reasons. An ambulance then took him to the hospital so the staff could see what his issues might be.

Sgt. Elliott Forge says that he didn’t take off all the man’s stolen clothes, just his shoes.

“I only took off the sneakers, because nobody wants to see him nude. We can at least return the sneakers,” Forge told WFAA. “My assessment is he wasn’t in his right mind.”

Police say that the man was involved in a domestic situation at his home and decided, for some reason, to leave the house naked.  Police say that right before the incident took place, they got a call from a woman who claimed that a man in a red pick up truck drove up to her only wearing a blanket.  He then got out of the truck and knocked on the woman’s window, but she kept driving.

Police are anxious to determine if drugs may be a factor in the incident. This would not be the first time in recent months that a naked man was running around town doing things that could be dangerous to other people. Thankfully, no one was injured in the “drive through.”

“Normally, when we deal with people that are … naked, they are usually under the influence of some kind of narcotic,” Forge said.


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