Massachusetts Woman Robs Store Three Times in 24 Hours and Finally gets Caught

Latasha Singletary is a 30 year old woman from Fall River, MA who must have thought a local liquor store was her personal cash machine. Singletary,robbed the same liquor store three times and was arrested shortly after the third robbery.

According to MSNBC news, Singletary committed the first robbery at around 4pm on Tuesday and then robbed the same liquor store the next day at around 10am. With the first robbery, she only made off with some cash and then with the second robbery she made off with money, cigarettes, lottery tickets and liquor bottles.

While Police were processing Singletary’s second robbery, they received a call about her third robbery. Through following some leads and the help of people in the neighborhood, the Police were able to trace all three robberies to Singletary and arrested her at her home.

Up until today, she has been held on $25, 000 bail. She will be arraigned today.

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