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Obama and Democrats Worried About Falling Short On June Contributions

Gone are the days when $71 million in campaign donations in one month were a good reason to celebrate. Now, it would seem it is more of a reason to send desperate e-mail requests for more financial support.

President Obama and the Democratic Party received $71 million in June but that was enough reason to panic because The Republican Party’s Mitt Romney finished the month with 106 million in campaign donations, raising just about one and a half times as much money as President Obama and the Democratic Party. At $106 million, the GOP was much closer to the record setting $150 million from September 2008 that Obama received.

The Obama campaign sent out an email from Ann Marie Habershaw, the chief operating officer of Obama for America, which opened by saying “WE COULD LOSE IF THIS CONTINUES.” In spite of last month being the best month for the Obama campaign for a second term, they were still out-earned by the Romney campaign.

Dem operatives  expressed their concern stating that it looked bad for a candidate to fall short of his challenger when the elections are so close but also pointed out that it would only be worrisome if the gap was allowed to continue to grow. President Obama must be equally concerned because he had two Washington fund-raisers scheduled for Monday night with a price tag of $40,000 to mingle with the elite crowd.

Some are attributing Romney’s success in fundraising to donators who are not happy about the Supreme Court’s health care decision. Romney, who has stated that the only way to get rid of Obamacare is for him to win the elections in November, received over $4 million in campaign dollars in the first 24 hours after the 5-4 decision came down.

The Obama camp has highlighted  that Romeny’s finances place him in the top 1% . Obama ads have also highlighted Romney’s background as a financier who exported jobs that many Americans are desperately in need of.

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