The Hypocrisy of Boycotting Basketball Wives

By  Rachelle Anderson

There is no shortage of negative images of black folks on TV, on the radio, and in the media in general. So I was one who joined in the outrage over the increasing violence being shown on Basketball Wives. I thought I would be tuning in to see a show about wives who had their own identity and business ventures, despite their husbands’ status. Instead, I saw few wives, and nauseating bad behavior.

But I drew the line when the formal boycott began. I asked myself, why are we being asked to boycott the show? Because of the increasing violence? Because of the negative images and bad behavior that these women are paid to glorify each week? Because we don’t want our young women to think that this bad behavior is acceptable of classy women?

While the boycott was well-intended, and seemed to have served its purpose, I had to ask about the boycott to the increasing vulgarity in the music I hear on the radio each day. I had to wonder why there’s no outrage over the negative music that fills the heads of our children each and every day, especially our sons. Aren’t these hip hop artists paid to glorify negative behavior also?

Nickelodeon and Sesame Street knew long ago that music could be used to teach children things such as the alphabet and how to count. So why couldn’t music also be teaching our children how to behave irresponsibly? There is little balance in the music being played on Hip Hop radio stations anymore. Only the artists who glamorize irresponsible behavior get played in heavy rotation.

If you listen to the music being played in heavy rotation on hip hop stations, the content of the music centers around smoking weed, drinking, having creative sex, and engaging in illegal activities. And some of the music can get downright descriptive on how to engage in this creative sex…it’s almost pornographic. Where is the FCC? Has the FCC gotten lax?

So while some feel like there was a victory in expressing outrage over the negative images being shown on Basketball Wives, why stop there? Why not address the bigger picture. Why not address what afflicts and negatively affects more of our children…the music…?

About Rachelle Anderson

Rachelle Anderson is a Finance professional and advocate for education, prison reform and economic empowerment.

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