Arkansas Woman Attacks Landlord and Sits on His Face

Chelsea Harris, has been arrested for allegedly attacking her landlords son when he came looking for her rent payment. Harris, who is said to be a prison officer, was released after one night in jail. She has been charged with third degree battery.

Neighbors are reporting that they saw Harris, described as a very large woman, cursing at her landlord’s son and then proceeding to push him into his truck with his face pressed down. She is also said to have choked him and even tried to take his truck and then sat on his face so that he would not call for help.

Carrol, the landlord’s son, is the one who reported the incident to the sheriff’s office. The landlord who is the father of the man who got attacked, reportedly speculated that Harris used some “prison moves” on his son. Neighbors believe that the reason that Harris got so angry was because Carrol walked into her home without her permission while her child was inside the home.

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