Angry Woman Burns Two Women and Five Children with Hot Grease

This past Sunday, 33 Year old Regina Terry is reported to have flew into a rage and decided to throw hot grease on her neighbors.

The two women, who are sisters, and their children who were burned reportedly had an ongoing dispute with Terry.

Regina Terry woman is facing seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon and seven counts of malicious maiming. Meanwhile the two women and the five children that she scaled with hot oil are recoving from their burns.The ages of the children are 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10 years old.

According to NBC News, the two families live in the Greenhaven Apartments in the Greenville community north of uptown Charlotte. Neigbors say that it is not not the first time Terry has had an altercation with a woman in the neighborhood.

This however was the first time, according to the neighbors, that it escalated to the point where people were injured.

One would hope that when adults have disagreements, even if they escalated, they would protect their children from harm.

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