Understanding Black Men Killing Other Black Men; The Laws of Maat #4: I Will Not Kill – Part 2 of 2

Given that lower vibration energies have no sense of reverence, no connection with God, and no belief in the sacredness and holiness of life, it becomes easy to destroy, brutalize, maim and take life.  To honor life, is to honor the 4th Law of Maat: “I will not kill.”

During mourning, it is most painful for the families of sons or daughters who have been gunned down in a drive by, to listen to a mother appear on television to speak about what a good child the killer is, and then ask the judge to go easy on her son/daughter.

It is painful to accept that a police officer who is supposed to serve and protect, has unjustly taken the life of a loved one.  It is most shocking that in 2012, racist acts are still committed against Black Americans.

As long as humans of all races are taught values that serve the accumulation of external power and prestige, with no focus on spirituality and honoring the soul’s intention, killing will continue.   The only power a killer knows is external power.

Demonic spirits,  in human form,  that kill, have not aligned their personality with their soul.  There is no purpose, meaning, gratitude or connection to life within them.  There is a dis-connect from reverence, which is a perception of the soul, and soul reveres all life.   It becomes easy to harm life when one is not fully reverent.  Reverence is a level of honor and protection regarding the process of life.

Reverence enables one to mature toward the journey of life, and through the journey of authentic empowerment.  Without reverence, one victimizes life, and thus finds it difficult to develop a capacity to think more deeply about the value of life.  Killers are often filled with regret, despair, pain, depression and discouragement.  Killers lack critical thinking; they simply react.Somewhere along the way, a killer was not taught to revere life as sacred, thus, it becomes easy to kill with no forethought

For a killer, life is a cheap commodity that he/she hasn’t been taught to value.  Without any sense of reverence, demonic spirits in human form that kill, feel dis-empowered; and a dis-empowered person is a frightened person.    A  demonic spirit, whose vibration has resorted to a lack of reverence for life, is hurting deeply, because a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harming another. Hurt, wounded people will always hurt other people.

It is not possible to act and think as a spiritual person in a world that does not recognize spirit; therefore, killers are not conscious of the spirit world that cares about life, the animal kingdom or the planet.  Without reverence, there can be no empathy, kindness and compassion.  In the mind of a killer, the world is a cold and barren place in which they feel alienated, vengeful, depressed or cynical.

Killers are able to live without reverence for life, because they have separated themselves from the energy of their soul.  They are detached from life; they simply exist.  Their spirit doesn’t know peace and harmony, but arrogance, destruction, brutality and frustrating life experiences.

Unfortunately, there is no active principle of reverence within humanity that is taught in the school systems, or promoted within the society.  In general, society is not taught to value life, as there is no spirituality within politics, science, academia or business.

Society is taught to glorify violence; embrace violent sports; purchase violent video games for their children; support children who bully, and purchase guns to commit more violence.  Americans spend billions on guns and ammunition, because of the fear they live with.  Fear they will certainly attract to themselves.  Americans spend millions to visit movie theaters showing violent movies; rent violent games, and purchase music with violent lyrics and rap.  Americans do not hesitate to support policies and violent wars that kill and maim millions in other countries.

People, who will never kill, never-the-less, carry a low vibration consciousness in their spirit that attracts death into their homes, communities and nation.  Whatever we are noticing, we are always attracting.   To think that one can indulge in the energy of violence through music and movies, and not carry the vibration of violence, is delusional thinking and reflects profound ignorance. Whatever we think about, we are bringing about.

Without emotional intelligence, millions fail to realize that the violence and killing which they complain about, is created through the collective human consciousness.   Americans are the co-creators of violence and killing, through their thought patterns and actions of violence and killing; something they willfully embrace on a daily basis.

Society creates violence through the fear of violence.   Anyone who expects to be murdered, will be murdered. Whatever we fear, we will attract, for it is done unto us as we believe.

Whether intentional, or non-intentional, a violent culture that glorifies violence, on a deeper level, has accepted violence as a way of life.  None-the-less, the sick hypocrisy of adults has the temerity to question why children are so violent; when children are patterning themselves after the hypocritical, violent adults.  Children are not taught to accept, honor or regard the sacredness of evolution, because the adults have not modeled this behavior.

“Most of the youth and some of their parents have never been seen by a mental health professional to help them work through their grief,” said Bernadette Leite, Founder of Kids Alive and Loved (KAL).  In 1993 when her 17-year-old son Khalil was shot in the back and killed, I was blessed to meet Mrs. Leite through an organization I was working for.  I assisted and comforted her fight for justice as best I could.  Trayvon Martin reminds me of Khalil, as Khalil was a beautiful spirit.

“Some are depressed, frustrated, scared, angry, and filled with a “get even revenge,” Mrs. Leite went on to say,” that puts them at risk of perpetrating a violent act, or being a victim of violence.  I have seen the violent death of a child push some families over the edge, leading to divorce, isolation, attempted suicide, abuse of alcohol, drugs and other high risk behaviors.

Many of the males, and particularly the fathers, are completely devastated and broken.  I believe that some of these individuals may suffer from anxiety disorders, such as post traumatic stress syndrome.  These young people need adults willing to hug them and love them; adults who are able to get involved,” Mrs. Leite concluded.

In order to become whole, the soul must balance its energy.  The low vibration energy that intends hatred and violence for others, has experienced the intention of hatred and violence from others through its own creation (vibration).

It must, and will experience all of the effects that it has caused.  It must accept the balance of all of its karmic debts that it has accumulated in its lifetime.  Each action creates karma and another imbalance of energy, which, in turn, must be balanced.

Often, low vibration demonic spirits don’t care what happens to them, and have already chosen death as an option before they kill.  They expect to die, and some even crave death subconsciously to end the only pain filled reality they know.

It is apparent that when people kill and create violence, they are out of touch with God, the laws of the universe and the consequences their soul will pay for all of their actions.  There is no escaping evil, for wherever you go, there you are.

Killers fail to realize that even if they die, or commit suicide, it isn’t over; they haven’t escaped what they thought they were leaving behind.  They fail to realize that death isn’t the end.  Any imbalance of energy must be righted by the experience of violence – perhaps in another life time.   At some point, their soul’s personality will have the same experience it gave to someone else.

The balancing of energy does not always occur within the span of a single lifetime. The soul is endless and only transitions to another life form; your karmic energy flows wherever you flow.  We receive from the world, what we give to the world.  We may not reap where we have sown, but ultimately, we reap all that we have sown.

The law of karma is the law of Maat.  It governs the balancing of energy within our system of morality, and within those of our neighbors globally.  Karma is an impersonal, universal teacher that serves humanity and teaches us responsibility.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If we participate in the cause, it is not possible to avoid the effect.  Every action will be returned to us, when we least expect it, and least need it to appear.

God doesn’t have to punish; one’s own wickedness and unrighteousness will do it for them through the law of karma; the ancient Egyptian laws of Maat.  May the ancestors be pleased with those of us who reject violent energies and live in peace with everyone.  Peace begets more peace on the planet.

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A Life Coach and writer, Antoinette McKesson is a Network Field Engineer IT Certified A+, Network+, Security+ professional. She holds Certifications in Holistic Fitness and Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise. Antoinette is a Certified CPR/AED Instructor through the American Heart Association, focusing her efforts on the Go Red campaign. Antoinette, who is a national deans list and honor society honoree, is completing a self-help book on relationships. You can reach Antoinette at ladytechnician@yahoo.com.

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