High Court Will Not Uphold Major Elements of Arizona Immigration law

The Supreme Court has reportedly ruled on Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

The justices have upheld the element of the law that says that police officers have to check the person’s immigration status with the Federal Government.

Three elements of the law were not upheld:

1. It will not be a crime for illegal immigrants to work without authorization

2. State and local officials will not be allowed to arrest people without a warrant if they suspect that they may be illegal immigrants.

3. It will not be a state requirement for immigrants to register with the federal government

According to MSNBC.com,

The decision was a partial victory for President Obama who had criticized the Arizona law, saying it “threatened to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.”

In 2010 The Justice Department reacted very swiftly, when the law was passed in Arizona, to start the process of blocking it. The Obama administration voiced its concern that States should not be involved in immigration matters and should leave the work to the Federal government.

Those who have voiced concern over the Arizona laws suggested that the law would unfairly target Latinos because of their appearance or their language.

Since  the law was blocked by a federal judge soon after its enactment, the Obama administration did not present any evidence that the law unfairly target Latinos.

The high court ruling is made more interesting by the fact that President Obama recently announced a new immigration policy that allows illegal immigrants who are under 30 years of age to stay in the country as long as they meet some specific requirements.



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