Ruby Dee And Ossie Davis Featured In New Documentary

“Life’s Essentials With Ruby Dee” is a new documentary that will feature the life of Ruby Dee And Ossie Davis.

The documentary will be Directed by Dee’s grandson Muta’Ali Muhammad and his partner Jevon “NJ” Frank. It will be the first time that the couple’s story is officially being shared with the public through film.

Ruby Dee is reportedly extremely pleased that the documentary is being done by her grandson because she had received many offers over the years but the circumstances never seemed right.

“It was a joy working with my grandson.I am very pleased to be able to have a hand in the telling of our story.” said Dee.

Muhammad and Frank are currently working on raising funds for the project and are expecting to release the film in early 2013. There will also be a private screening of some of the film to celebrate Dee’s 90th birthday.

According to Muhammad, the story will be told through “love, art, and activism.”

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