High school withholds 4 students’ diplomas because of families’ boisterous cheering

If your family and friends cheer too loud at you graduation, you won’t get your high school diploma.

That is the reality for four students at  a suburban  high school in Cincinnati, OH.

The school’s Superintendent, Lori Handler, is reported to have explained that the issue was not how loud the family members were yelling. The issue was the long duration of the yelling which she said halted the ceremony.

After past disruptions, a new policy was implemented this year aimed at making sure that all parents can hear their children’s names called and celebrated. When they ordered graduation tickets, parents agreed that “any disruptive behavior” would result in their child’s diploma being held until 20 hours of community service is completed, she said.

“Our whole push for this was to make sure that every single student’s name is heard and recognized,” Handler said, adding that that most parents are pleased with the new rules. “Everybody understands that upfront.”

Four seniors, of the 205 who went through graduation May 23, were denied their diplomas, she said. When they went to school to pick them up, they got a letter from the principal informing them it was being withheld because of “excessive cheering” by their guests.

The students are considered legal graduates, and are free to use their transcripts as they apply for college or jobs, Handler said. “


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