Nomalanga: The Audacity of Chris Brown and why he should “sit down”

R & B singer, Chris Brown has been in the news in the last couple of days because he got in a fight with rapper, Drake.

The general consensus that I am getting from reading the various reports about what actually happened is that the two men (if you can call them that) were both in a nightclub in New York City and Chris Brown sent a bottle of Champagne over to Drakes table. The two men reportedly exchanged words and then the fight, which included bottle throwing, broke out. It is reported that Drake’s camp is maintaining that Drake was never really involved in the bottle and punch throwing part of the madness.

I cannot believe the audacity of Chris Brown, posting pictures of his “injuries”. If you recall, Chris Brown is the same coward who mistook his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, for a punching bag. The following day, pictures of Rihanna’s black and blue face were all over the internet and now Chris Brown has the audacity to post pictures of his little cut? Please!

A couple of months ago, I lost a Facebook friend because he felt that I was being too hard on Chris Brown and was sensationalizing his last “incident”. The friend “unfriended” me and that is okay, but I digress. The last incident Chris Brown had was when he visited the ABC studios for an interview and decided that not liking the question he was being asked was enough reason to storm off shirtless and throw a chair through a window. Sounds just like a child’s tantrum-right? Now this particular tantrum was supposedly triggered by questions about how he physically assaulted Rihanna.

If I was Chris Brown’s mother, I would give him a serious “tongue lashing” and then tell him to “sit down”.  I would also tell him that I do not want to hear another word from him and I do not want to hear another word about him because of his disgusting behavior. Some may say that he is a grown man and that his mother can’t control his behavior. Well, when he starts acting grown, then maybe he will earn the right to be thought of as a man. In the mean time, he really needs to go somewhere and “sit down”.

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