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Dr. Darron T. Smith is a frequent political and cultural commentator on various issues of U.S. based and global issues of race, racism, and discrimination in forums ranging from Religion Dispatches, The New York Times and Chicago Tribune op-ed to ESPN's Outside the Lines. His research spans a wide myriad of topics on race including healthcare disparities, Religious studies, Race & Sports, and Race, Adoption and the Black Family.

Dr. Darron Smith: Black Men, Status Competition and the Threat of Violence


By Dr. Darron Smith The emergence of American inequality began during the formation of our nation, giving rise to popular notions of our supposedly American democracy. In fact, many colonial elite Americans worked very hard to thwart any real effort toward a nation where the rights of minorities were protected against white majority rule. The brutality of forced African slavery ...

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Dr. Darron Smith: Re-conceptualizing the black quarterback through the emergence of Robert Griffin III


By Dr. Darron Smith No one can argue that Robert Griffin III has been anything but sensational in his masterful rookie season. His football skills combined with his leadership abilities have earned him much respect and admiration among his fellow Redskin teammates (being named captain midway through his rookie season) and across the league, as he became the only rookie, ...

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Dr. Darron Smith: Serena’s “Badunkadunk” and the Image of Black womanhood


By Dr. Darron Smith It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The recent mocking of Serena Williams, the number three-tennis player in the world, by Caroline Wozniacki, another high-ranked tennis player, is troubling. It speaks volumes to what the Williams sisters have been made to endure throughout their careers in the lily-white elitist sport of ...

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Dr. Darron Smith: Will Basketball Phenom Jabari Parker’s Mormon-ness win out over his Blackness at Brigham Young University?


By Dr. Darron Smith This has been a banner year for Mormons and the LDS Church. From Mitt Romney’s emblematic ascent to capture the GOP nomination to Manti Te’o and his Heisman Trophy run with the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, now Jabari Parker, who has emerged as one of the nation’s top basketball prospect, took his latest ...

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Dr. Darron Smith: Black Students’ School-to-Prison Pipeline


By Dr. Darron T. Smith From EXISTING WHILE BLACK IN AMERICA series Despite fifty years of desegregation and other significant school change efforts, students from disenfranchised social groups in the United States continue to receive substandard K-12 education and have significantly less access to higher education and other valued social opportunities and resources. In particular, black males are more severely ...

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Dr. Darron Smith: Remembering Jonestown After 34 Years


By Dr. Darron Smith Black Americans have wanted, for many generations, a nation where equality of opportunity was the law of land, a place where dreams could come true regardless of skin color. Jim Jones, known by many of his followers as “father,” created the Jonestown commune—The Peoples Temple—in the Guyanese jungles of South America in the 1970’s with this ...

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Dr. Darron Smith: Seceded States of America and Mass White Hysteria

sesceded states

By Dr. Darron Smith White Americans took the loss of Mitt Romney exceedingly hard. Mormons, in particular, are mourning the defeat of the first Latter-day Saint GOP candidate to make it as far as Romney did in a national election. But what lessons have we, the American people, actually learned about race since the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012? ...

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