Black Lives Matter, So Do Our Voices


A few weeks ago, former Governor Deval Patrick took his ceremonial “lone walk” out of the Massachusetts State House to cap-off what had been a historic eight years as the first African American governor of a state that is roughly 83 percent white. On his last day in office there was not much national attention, fanfare, or even recognition for ...

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Isn’t It Time to Take Hoover’s Name Down From FBI Headquarters?

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Why does the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation still bear the name of J. Edgar Hoover? Those who continue to hold Hoover in high esteem are a diminishing lot of so-called “true believers.” Any merits of his more than 40 years of service are outweighed by a legacy marred by power run amok. Hoover amassed power that extended ...

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The Powerful Message That Helped Condoleezza Rice Thrive Amid Racism In The ’60s(Video)


Long before Condoleezza Rice served as America’s first female National Security Advisor and the first African-American female Secretary of State, she was a child growing up in the racially charged city of Birmingham, Ala., in the 1960s. Here, Rice witnessed a disturbing mix of segregation, tension and violence, telling “Oprah’s Master Class” how the experience and memories of her time ...

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In Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Providence of Hope for a New Generation


This post is a collaborative effort between the Clay Center For Young Healthy Minds affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and Alexia Norton Jones, the daughter of Martin Luther King’s speechwriter and friend. The forward introduces the topic from the perspective of two white guys, one of whom is myself and the other is my colleague, Gene Beresin. Ms. Jones, of ...

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Here’s How Much Less Women Make In Each State


If you’re a woman looking for equal pay for equal work, then you might want to steer clear of Louisiana and Wyoming. Those are two of the U.S. states with the biggest pay gaps between men and women, as seen in a new map from Expert Market, a site that helps businesses find equipment and services — though women’s pay ...

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Success Comes in All Shapes, Colours and Sizes

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With so few actors of colour to speak of, it is difficult to trace any trends regarding theincongruent inclusion of minorities in the arena of artistic success. ‎Some say the lack of meaningful roles or developed character arcs — especially for Asians, Latinos and African Americans — contributed to their perpetual absence in the winners’ circle. Others point to audiences’ ...

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Desegregation and the Highway of Justice: How Segregated, Under-resourced Schools Are Failing Children


“[T]he words desegregation and integration are used interchangeably, as if they are one and the same,” wrote Rucker C. Johnson, an associate professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkley. “Conflating the two is erroneous, and lacks an understanding of the process [the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.] envisioned — ‘to change behavior, not only laws.’ ...

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Liberia: Only 5 People Being Treated For Ebola


MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Liberia said Monday that there are currently only five confirmed cases of Ebola in the entire country — a dramatic turnaround in the West African nation where the virus has taken its deadliest toll. At the height of the outbreak in August and September, Liberia was recording more than 300 new cases of the virus every ...

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Why Stupid Politics Is the Cause of Our Economic Problems


NEW YORK — In 2014, the world economy remained stuck in the same rut that it has been in since emerging from the 2008 global financial crisis. Despite seemingly strong government action in Europe and the United States, both economies suffered deep and prolonged downturns. The gap between where they are and where they most likely would have been had ...

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Cosby: ‘Trust Me.’


In 1969 I met Bill Cosby while working in New York for the late film producer Ray Stark. I was a 21-year-old single woman in the world’s most exciting city. He was a 32-year-old internationally known comedian and television star, one of the most likeable and popular entertainers in the business. He asked for my number and I gave it ...

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