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Liberia Aims To Be Ebola-Free By End Of February


Liberia, one of the three West African countries worst hit by Ebola, could be free of the virus by the end of next month after success in curbing transmission, the government said on Thursday. “There are 10 confirmed Ebola cases as of the 12th of January 2015 in the whole of the country,” Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah, who heads ...

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One In Three Americans Believe Police ‘Routinely Lie’

Killings By Police March

While most Americans approve of the work being done by their local police, nearly a third feel that some officers “routinely lie to serve their own interests,” a survey released on Thursday by Reuters and the IPSOS polling organization showed. The number rises to 45 percent among African-Americans. The findings come as scrutiny on police has been heightened in recent ...

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Kamala Harris Could Make History In California Senate Race

Kamala Harris

If California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D) succeeds in her recently announced bid to be her state’s next U.S. senator, she could make history in the Golden State. Harris is the daughter of a Jamaican-American father and an Indian mother. If elected, she would be California’s first black senator, as well as its first female Asian-American senator. Currently, the U.S. ...

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NYPD Commissioner Bratton Calls Chokehold Bill ‘Totally Unnecessary’

NY Mayor De Blasio Speaks At NYPD Swearing-In Ceremony

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton voiced full-throated opposition Thursday to a City Council bill that would criminalize the use of chokeholds, and said a slew of other NYPD oversight bills before the council are also unwarranted. “I think clearly the chokehold bill, which is talking about criminalizing the chokehold, is totally inappropriate, totally unnecessary, misguided, and uninformed,” Bratton ...

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If You Think Selma’s Snubbing Is a Fluke, Think Again. The Oscars Have Stiffed Lots of Black Films


Social media is abuzz with news that Ava DuVernay’s towering film Selma received only two Academy Award nominations, for best picture and best song. The best film ever made about the civil rights movement, Selma was shut out of nominations for best director and actor that seemed inevitable just weeks ago. And the popular Twitter hashtag #OscarSoWhite, which is trending now, tells ...

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Black Greeks Arguably Got Sorority Sisters Axed From VH1


VH1 Says “No Mas” on “Sorority Sisters” Members of black Greek organizations who were offended by “Sorority Sisters,” a VH1 reality show that they said degraded them, are nearing a victory. “VH1 has finally said no mas to its detractors: the remaining three episodes of Atlanta-based ‘Sorority Sisters’ are being burned off three in a row this Friday night,” Rodney ...

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Satellite Images Show Horrifying Scale Of Destruction In Nigerian Towns Attacked By Boko Haram

Doro Baga ( AKA: Doro Gowon) 7 Jan 2015

Satellite images show widespread destruction in two Nigerian towns that were recently attacked by Islamic extremists, an international human rights group said Wednesday. Amnesty International said the detailed images of Baga and Doron Baga, taken before and after the attack earlier this month, show that more than 3,700 structures were damaged or completely destroyed. The images were taken Jan. 2 ...

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To Increase Test Scores, Schools Should Stop Suspending Students, Says Study


To raise students’ test scores, schools should stop pushing out troublesome students, argues a new report. A recent report published in December’s issue of the American Sociological Reviewfinds that students in schools with high rates of suspensions suffer academically -– even if they are not being suspended themselves. The report, compiled by University of Indiana professor Brea Perry and University ...

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Two Strikes and You’re Out (But Only If You’re Black)


I came of age in a Jersey Shore community with high racial tension. A major road divided the town, and separated black homes from white homes. But we all met in the integrated schools, and that’s where I witnessed racial discrimination firsthand. I vividly remember this one incident from eighth grade. Word spread one morning through the corridors that there ...

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Selma’s David Oyelowo on Playing MLK and What It Means to Be a Christian

David Oyelowo

“I do know the voice of God.” That’s what David Oyelowo, the actor who beautifully portrays Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the new film Selma, told me last week. It’s that voice, he said, that called him to play the role. I was at the December preview of Selma in Washington, D.C., and then took my family to see ...

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