The 10 Top Influential African-Americans in My Life


Hello everyone! In honor of Black History Month, I’m excited to give you a list of the 10 most influential African-Americans in my life (in no particular order):

1. My Mom
As soon as I heard “influential African-Americans,” the first people I thought about were my amazing parents! Let’s start with my Mom. She is always so loving and supportive of me. She has always been the one who listens to my problems and gives me the best advice on how to fix them. Mom is so understanding and always tries her best to make me happy. She is also hilarious and that helps me with my comedic acting! She has influenced me positively in many ways, but the thing that I will always remember is how she and my dad taught me to ALWAYS be humble and remain a good person.

2. My Dad
Now for my Dad! He has influenced me so much by following his dreams. He has been a music producer since before I was born and he loves it! Seeing him do something he loves made me want to do it also. He has also taught me very important things like how to control my singing voice and is always very patient with me until I get it right. He and my Mom have always pushed me to do my best and that’s what has gotten me where I am today! I love them very much and could not have asked for better parents.

3. Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson has influenced me to be a passionate performer. When he was on stage performing, you could tell that he loved it and was really having fun. Every single time I watch videos of Michael performing, I feel like I am on stage with him! I always think about how blessed I am to have the opportunity to perform and entertain people like Michael Jackson did. His amazing work will always inspire me.

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