Strong Role Models Keep Families Together


Community leaders and pastors should look to Barack and Michelle Obama for an example of a solid, two-parent household as they look for ways to piece black families back together during these perilous economic and social times, Tamika Mallory writes in her NewsOne column.

Many of us were still on a post-Inaugural high even after King Day. Took me a minute to snap out of the euphoria. President Barack Obama’s speech was on point. He honed in on things that as an activist I work every day to protect: key civil rights like the right to vote, the right to immigrate to America and be treated equally, and the right to equal education for all.

And while I have never been a complete romantic, I admit I got warm and fuzzy inside when I saw President Obama and the First Lady share a dance at the Inaugural Ball.  My girls — some of whom swear up and down that romance is dead – called me to say how touched they were by the love and affection between the First Couple. I, too, was touched mainly because of the refreshing message being shown to our young people, so many of whom don’t see images of strong Black marriages that much any more.


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