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By Stefany J.

The female persona is a funny thing. I don’t know about you, but in my circle of girlfriends I can always spot dead on whose relationship is blissful and whose is on shaky ground. I can also spot the same for females I work with and especially those I fellowship with in church.

These woman-to-woman interactions are a funny thing. When women are in a relationship they have this vibration and aura of  “finally”.  I enjoy seeing other women happy in their brag zone when they’ve finally found the one or been swept off their feet. I take pride in those who have solidified their relationships with steps towards marriage. It is even more rewarding when I see those same relationships thriving and withstanding the ills that usually present their ugly heads over time.

There’s absolutely no question; I can call it every time. Show me a woman and I can show you, by her demeanor, her interactions, her attitude, and her approach whether she’s a “single desperado” who is thirsty for another to complete her, or a “married desperado” who is fighting for freedom from the one she thought would complete her.

In either case there is no doubt in my mind or heart about the strength, the force, or the power of love on both sides of the fence. Love inspires, it shapes, it forms, and it is absolutely the fuel to get everyone going in this world. It is the juice that keeps us all flowing at our best.

Remember that the love outside of you only enters your space to connect with the love you already have found within!

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