Asa Lovechild: Is Rihanna Blinded by Love for Chris Brown in Her Oprah Winfrey Interview?

by Asa Lovechild, Your Black World

Could you ever forgive someone who put their hands on you? Does the love that you have for that person become nonexistent?

Well, if you expected Rihanna to go on a “bash Chris Brown” rampage on Oprah Winfrey’s Next Chapter, you were in for quit the opposite.   Rihanna admitted  , Sunday, that she still has love for Chris Brown and when he isn’t happy, she isn’t either.  She recalled that fateful moment that turned her world upside down. She talked about the transition from being a victim of violence to being a forgiving person and healing not only from what happened to her but also healing from things of her childhood.

The average woman will look at the interview and say that Ri Ri  was still a victim and is blinded by love. The girls who hide behind the tough exterior, would tell her that she should never forgive and make Chris continue to pay. Rihanna has acknowledged and said the things that most victims of domestic violence don’t have the strength and courage to say. She still loves Chris and honestly, it is very possible to love someone and also be aware that you cannot risk going back.

From the interview, it is apparent that RiRi is still healing from her past, but her resilience has shined through. The media can be very harsh when it comes to celebrities and their issues, making RiRi the poster child for domestic violence. But the only difference between her and others is that her story has played out for what seems like an eternity in front of the world.

But through it all she is continuing to grow into a woman who understands that in order to move forward, you have to learn how to channel the negative experiences, into a positive future and it all starts with forgiveness.

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