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Man refuses to Leave Jail and Is Arrested Once Again

For some inmates, the day they get out of prison is the best day of their life.  For others, the day can be sad and depressing, especially if they have no resources and nothing to come home to.  We don’t know what happened to Rodney Dwayne Valentine, but we do know that he was only out for a few minutes before being arrested again at the Rockingham County Jail in North Carolina this weekend.

Police are saying that Valentine refused to leave the prison, and he was arrested and sent back to his cell.  Valentine refused to leave because he wanted a ride to a local motel.  When officers would not give him a ride, he got upset and stayed on the premises without their permission.   That led to him being incarcerated once again.  Valentine was originally sent to jail on May 22 after being accused of damaging property.

Valentine’s new charge is second-degree trespassing, and he’s being held on $500 bond.  His appearance in court is scheduled for August 9, but we somehow believe that he’s probably coming back to jail at some point in the future.  Let’s hope we’re wrong.


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