Pregnant Chicago Woman Sues Police for Shocking her with Stun Gun

Tiffany Rent is suing the Chicago Police for shocking her with a stun gun over a parking ticket dispute.

She has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking damages and she is also demanding that the Chicago Police make changes to their policy on how they handle pregnant women and stunt guns.

Rent, who was already dealing with a high risk pregnancy was shocked with a stunt gun, last week, when she tore up a ticket citing her for parking in a handicapped spot. The Police claim that she refused to produce identification at the request of the police officer and instead tried to drive off. When she attempted to drive off, that is the point at which she was shocked with the stun gun.

Sadly, Rent’s children, who are only three and nine years old were present when the incident happened. They saw their mother being shocked with the stun gun by a police officer.

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