The Laws of Maat #3: I Will Not Act With Violence – Part 1 of 2

By Antoinette McKesson

The culture of violence calls forth more violence on the planet.  It is the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community; that either results in, or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, mal-development or deprivation.-The 42 Laws of Maat

Globally, violence is tolerated, glorified and embraced in industrialized countries – especially in America, with the highest number of criminals.  Violence is a billion dollar a year industry, with earnings from office box sales, DVDs, video games, books, consulting businesses, attorney fees, pharmaceutical sales, physical therapy, emergency room visits, executive protection services to protect those who fear violence, security firms, drones, war, prison industrial complex, military industrial complex, gun sales, the need for global domination, etc.  If there were no buyer, there could be no seller.

When adults are violent, the children will be violent.  Therefore, it is the adults who need to develop emotional intelligence and spirituality to impart to their children.

Many parents are guilty of teaching their children to be bullies, yet, take no responsibility for their children who cause other children to commit suicide because of their bullying.  “Don’t do as I do; do as I say,” is unrealistic, as children follow the lead of adults.

At an early age, little boys, are given toy guns, toy soldiers, and other war paraphernalia with which to play with.  Children are exposed to violent male sports and electronic games with white violent male protagonistsAdults think nothing of the violent video games, which help to turn their kids into killers – and even purchase these violent games as gifts.  Children witness their adult fathers, who are supposed to be examples of manhood, act like complete morons by getting into fights at little league and professional ball games.

The vibration of violence begins at home when children are allowed to watch violent programming on television and films; it begins at home when integrity, character, empathy and love for God, and their fellow man isn’t taught.  Violence affects youth through the falsehoods of religions, racism, storybooks and school textbooks, and by glorifying war as a predominantly masculine activity with white male conquerors as heroes.

Many parents remain in domestic  relationships that are violent in which they have no peaceful intentions, thus, allowing their children to witness their foolishness on a regular basis – as if it were normal.  When children witness anger and violence, then grow up angry and violent, adults complain that it is the failure of the church, the media, the society, or the friends whom their children spend time with – when it actually began at home via violent experiences and observations of their emotionally, immature guardians, and egotistical parents who lacked empathy and compassion. Some adults aren’t fit to be parents.

Children, who act the least deserving of it, need the most love and attention.  They act out violence because they are suffering from painful emotions.  Gangs; the media; poverty; unemployment; substance abuse; weapons; dysfunctional homes; peer pressure; poverty; ignorance, and bad neighborhoods, mostly influence children.

Combined with the fact that boys are expected to suck it up and be tough without crying, is it any surprise that they develop into men who commit more crimes that are violent?    Clearly, violence is culturally linked to inappropriate male behavior.  Consequently, we have before us, the perfect roadmap for creating a violent culture.

Therefore, adults are hypocrites for claiming that they want violence to end, yet, fail to become politically involved, fail to monitor who is teaching their children, continue to attend violent movies, purchase DVDs, allow their children to witness violent acts, and commit violence against children.  Some adults are selfish, sick and irresponsible to seek scapegoats for the increase in youth violence.  To avoid responsibility in their complicity with violence, adults love to play the dumb, dumb role of, “I just don’t understand why the youth are so violent?”  Because, the adults are violent. 

Those parents, who are well aware that their children have killed or harmed another, will defend their wickedness – and even deceive the courts on behalf of their child – till the very end.  You can’t be non-violent with someone else, until you first learn non-violence with yourself – and teach it to your children.

Violence always begins with a thought.  It’s not what we think or do, it’s what we intend.  We are the product of the karma of our soul.  We are responsible for our children, and ensuring that they understand karma and the Laws of Maat.  Our souls have lessons to learn in order to balance their energy.

If society were focused on love and peace, then it would be reflected within our children.  What goes around will always return full circle.  Therefore, any negative energy created in the form of violence, will return to the creator of the violence – or the family that created the foundation of violence.

Adults must stop feigning surprise that our children are killing each other – and others.  Since violence begets violence, any act of violence will bring a reaction of further violence.  Until the adults change, the children will not change.

As within; so without. This is the law of karma and attraction; this is the law of MAAT.


About Antoinette McKesson

A Life Coach and writer, Antoinette McKesson is a Network Field Engineer IT Certified A+, Network+, Security+ professional. She holds Certifications in Holistic Fitness and Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise. Antoinette is a Certified CPR/AED Instructor through the American Heart Association, focusing her efforts on the Go Red campaign. Antoinette, who is a national deans list and honor society honoree, is completing a self-help book on relationships. You can reach Antoinette at

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