Yet Another Injured Female in the Chris Brown and Drake Scuffle and Now a Lawsuit

A 21 year old woman, simply known as Veronica, is planning on cashing in on the wounds she incurred from the Chris Brown and Drake scuffle.

According to TMZ, Veronica is planning to sue the nite club that the brawl took place in and she is also considering suing both Drake and Chris brown for her injuries. Veronica claims she sustained several injuries which include cuts to her hands, from the flying glass bottles and even a bruise on her forehead from being trampled on.

Veronica claims that when the fight first broke out, in the early hours of Thursday morning, she was not aware of what was going on. By the time she ran and hid behind a couch, the fight had already escalated and several other people were injured.

Veronica is not the first woman to consider legal action because of injuries. Ingrid Gutierrez, a 21-year-old model has also reportedly sought legal counsel to address the effects of the fight on her.

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