Trump, Prove Romney is not a Unicorn!

By Wallace Q. Weaver
Donald Trump and many extreme right conservatives still question President Obama’s birth record, claiming he was born in Kenya (or maybe Mars, it’s hard to keep up). Well, one liberal group would like to answer the birther question with a question of their own: Is Mitt Romney a unicorn? A democrat from Arizona has started a petition asking Arizona Secretary of State to demand that Romney face the music and confirm for once and for all that he is not a unicorn.

Over 1800 people have signed on to this petition; I am NOT one of them but I do think this is hilarious!

“There has never been any conclusive DNA test proving that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn… We cannot prove it but we cannot prove that it is not the case [either],” said a quote taken from a webpage.

This is how people make a political statement. These liberals have both mastered the use of satire and have let the world know how ridiculous the conservative birthers are in their claims against the President.

There is no reason for this to be in main stream media. It is a Hawaiian state proven fact that President Obama was born on the Big Island, that is Hawaii, the island state of the United States of America. He has proved it, being the first president asked to provide his long form birth certificate. If Donald and his gang of rabble-rousers want democrats to prove Obama is not an U.S born citizen , he needs to prove to rest of America that Mitt is not a unicorn. Then AND ONLY THEN can we get back to business and start talking about the lesser important issues in this campaign; you know, like the economy and stuff…

About Wallace Q. Weaver

Wallace is a highly motivated and very opinionated young man from Philadelphia, PA. Currently pursuing his undergrad from Seton Hall University, Weaver hopes to graduate with a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations before entering law school. ”When I’m dead and gone, my only wish is that when people talk about me they say that I worked hard and tirelessly for our community and our nation. “His ambitions are to make America a better place, in whatever minimal way he can, and believes that this starts with raising consciousness.

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