Kim Kardashian: I Love Dating an Older Man

In an interview that will air this Sunday, Oprah takes a peek into the Kardashian family’s life.

Although everyone is curious about her short-lived marriage, the excerpt did not include her answers to Oprah’s questions about exactly what  happened. She only shares that she feels that the experience taught her a lot and that it has made her a better person.

Kim Kardashian shared with Oprah that she loves being in a relationship with Kanye West, the rapper, who is over three years older than her. According to Kim, she had previously dated guys who were about five years younger than her. In the excerpt her sister Chloe added that Kim is very happy with Kanye who they all consider to be a family friend.

When asked if they feel they could have been famous if they were not all attractive, Kim answers that she thinks they would not have been famous if they had all been pretty and skinny. She adds that they, being middle Easterners, have an appeal similar to Hispanic women such as Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek.

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